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SoilVision Technical Support

Rob Thode June 2, 2015 Installation & Authorization / Authorization Messages

The authorization log message "Get USB Security Key status: MemoHASP-4 found" has occurred recently. It appears to be related to a Windows Update.

Unplugging the USB Key, then plugging in again has fixed the problem it some cases.

Installing the latest Windows Updates has fixed the problem in some cases.

Installing the latest drivers from the vendors website may also help. See our Knowledge Base article: http://support.soilvision.com/entries/23325373-Where-do-I-get-the-latest-usb-key-drivers-

Note that some laptop computers may not provide enough power to the USB Key if the USB key is plugged into a USB Hub and not directly into the computer. See article: http://support.soilvision.com/entries/99770607-USB-Hub-Power